Thursday, October 13, 2005

Recalibrating DC Heroes for a Grittier Century

Interesting piece in the New York Times (!) about the big shakeup underway in the DC Universe right now. (It's got a minor spoiler if you haven't read the "Sacrifice" crossover.) As far as I can tell, after the end of "Infinite Crisis", DC plans to jump the storylines forward a year, then have a 52-issue weekly comic to backfill.

52, the weekly series that begins in May, will be a story-telling and production challenge. A weekly series leaves little room for delays in writing, illustrating or printing, and the "real time" concept means no inventory story can be dropped in to fill a gap in the narrative.

The commitment of resources "scared a lot of departments," Mr. DiDio said, adding, "This is not just an editorial risk; it's a company risk."


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