Saturday, March 25, 2006


We met on March 23 2006 and had a lively discussion of Coalescent by Stephen Baxter.

Abe: 5
Alek: 7
Chris: 8
Dru: 6
Jeff: 2
John: 5
Raja: 6
Tracy: 2

Some people (Alek, Gregory [who doesn't vote], and I think Ignacio) really liked the thread set in the past, and were bored (or annoyed) by the present and future threads. Raja found the whole book bloated, but enjoyed the present and future threads--when the science ideas finally showed up!--more than the past thread.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Golden Compass

Our book for April 20 2006.


We met and discussed Samuel R. Delany's Nova on February 23.

Votes: Alek: 5
Chris: 8
Raja: 10
Sarah: 6
Tracy: 7

One interesting tidbit: As is pointed out on the Wikipedia page for Nova, the current (Vintage) edition includes a new passage about Prince Red and Brian. (Possible slight spoiler in the link).

Our next meeting will be on March 23 to discuss Coalescent by Stephen Baxter.