Thursday, July 20, 2006

Meeting to discuss The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells

All votes:

Chris: 9
Dedaimia: 10 ("for a lifetime achievement award")
Jeff: 9
John: 9
Lisa: 9
Raja: 10
Sarah: 10
TC: 9*

* TC did not finish in time for the meeting, but gave the book a "9" at the next meeting.

Most members who were present really liked the book, and were somewhat surprised that it held up so well (after all, it was first published about 108 years ago). Several people pointed out that this book originated many SFnal ideas still in use today (Jeff said it was like the first "boy meets girl" story).


Video clips of several SFDG members giving their opinions of (and votes for) the book can be downloaded from


You will need a username and password to download this Windows Media Video file. The username and password have been posted to the mailing list.


An audio recording of the meeting can be downloaded from


As with the video, you'll need the username and password to download this file (or stream it in your browser, if you have Quicktime).


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