Friday, August 06, 2004


Hi, Raja here. Ignacio wanted to set up a blog for SFDG-related stuff, so here it is. He's set things up so he, I, and Kate can post freely, so I expect that we will. Also, I think we have the ability to edit each others' postings, so things may get interesting here ;-).

For anyone who just stumbled across this: The SFDG is the Bloomington Indiana Science Fiction discussion group (click the link to go to our home page, which I maintain). Ignacio has a blog. Kate has a blog. I have a blog too.

[Ignacio adds:] Ignacio was the first one to be infected with the blog meme, after his wife noticed the "Blog it!" button in the Google toolbar. Afer various instances of nagging from/to Kate and Raja, and inspired by the collaborative Boinga Boinga blog, I thought it'd be easier to keep an interesting blog if we pool our resources.



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